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      Name: Karim Zad Hagh, Javad

 My City Urmia




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PhD study by the Institute of Human Genetics; University of Duesseldorf (Department of Pre- and Postnatal Diagnostic).


Diploma (MSc) in Biochemistry of University Bochum, Germany (Diploma-Thesis by Institute of Human Genetics, University Bochum)


Science of Medical laboratory, Study at the University of Tabriz, Iran


2005- until now

Member of Medical Genetics Laboratory by Dr. Behrend/ Dr. Bartz, Duesseldorf

2008- until now 

Member of centrum of Polar Body Analysis (Polaris, Duesseldorf)


Supervising of two Projects:

a. “Balanced Translocation t(2;11)(q33.2;q23.2) by a Patient with clinical features”

b. “Frequently of FRA16B by German Population”


Contribute by the Development of “AT-Block-Finder” with Dipl.-Ing. Manfred Beier
(A Bioinformatics-Program for the finding of AT-rich Blocks in whole Human Genome)


Azary, Farsi, German, English, Turkish



Mir Davood Omrani and Javad Karimzad Hagh; Wolfrom Klein ; Jurgen Gebauer :Cytogenetic and molecular genetic analysis of dicentricY chromosome and its relation to male azoospermia Iranian Journal of Reproductive Medicine. 2008 Vol: 6 Issue: 2: 57-64


Moritz Meins ,Javad Karimzad HaghFritz Gerresheim , Elisabeth Einhoff , Heidi Olschewski , Henning Strehl , Jörg T. Epplen : Novel case of dup(3q) syndrome due to a de novo interstitial duplication 3q24-q26.31 with minimal overlap to the dup(3q) critical region.American Journal of Medical Genetics.2004 Volume 132A Issue 1, Pages 84 – 89.

Academic Activity:

1: Accepted Oral Presentation:

a. Seminar of NRW- Humangeneticists 2006 (Essen)

b. Seminar of NRW- Humangeneticists 2007 (Duesseldorf)

c. The First Biology Conference for Iranian Scholars in Europa 2008 (Hamburg)

2: Accepted Poster 

a. European Human Genetics Conference (ESHG) 2004 (Munich)

b. 17th Congress German/Swiss/Austria Society of Human Genetics 2006 (Heidelberg)

c. 18th Congress German/Swiss/Austria Society of Human Genetics 2007 (Bonn)